Creating a Product Instance Registration Token

Product Instance Registration Tokens are used to register and consume a product for smart licensing. You must generate a token to register the product and add the product instance to a specified virtual account. When you create a new token, it is added to the Product Instance Registration Token table of that virtual account in which the product will be registered.


You cannot create token for virtual accounts that belong to a Satellite. You can create a registration token in the Cisco Smart Software Manager Satellite for these virtual accounts


Step 1 In the Smart Software Manager screen, select Inventory from the menu options, and select an existing virtual account from the Virtual Account drop-down menu.
Step 2 On the General tab, click New Token.
Step 3 In the Create Registration Token dialog box, complete the following fields:
  • Virtual Account Field: Displays the virtual account under which the registration token will be created.

  • Description Field: The description of the registration token.


    Specify a description that will help you identify the token.

  • Expire After Field: The time limit for the token to be active up to 365 days.

Step 4 Check the check box to turn On the export controlled functionality for tokens of a product instance you wish in this virtual account. By checking the checkbox and accepting the terms, you enable the tokens to use the restricted features on your product instances. You can uncheck the check box if you wish not to allow the export controlled functionality to be made available for use with this token.


Use this option only if you are compliant with the export controlled functionality. Some export controlled features are restricted by the United States Department of Commerce. These features are restricted for products registered using this token when you uncheck the check box. The export controlled functionality is available for only those tokens that comply the regulations and policies of the United States Department of Commerce. Any violations are subjected to penalties and administrative charges.

This field is visible for only those smart accounts that are permitted to use this functionality.

Step 5 Check the check box to indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions mentioned in the text box. Read them carefully before you choose your options.
Step 6 Click Create Token or Cancel to remove the data.