Release 5.0(2.b245-246)
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File Information Release Date Size  
ntp_harden_script_502_v20150113.tgz  Login & Valid Contract Required
24-OCT-2014 0.01 MB
vds-tc_5.0.2_bash_shellshock_fix.tar.gz  Login & Valid Contract Required
24-OCT-2014 5.95 MB
vds-tc_5.0.2_bash_shellshock_rollback.tar.gz  Login & Valid Contract Required
24-OCT-2014 6.08 MB
Cisco VDS TC patch for CSCum93691  Login & Valid Contract Required
21-FEB-2014 0.01 MB
Cisco VDS Integrated Appliance 5.0(2) b245 upgrade package  Login & Valid Contract Required
23-AUG-2013 132.27 MB
Cisco VDS Server Cluster 5.0(2) b246 upgrade package  Login & Valid Contract Required
23-AUG-2013 132.30 MB
Cisco VDS Transparent Caching 5.0(2) b245/b246 Configurations  Login & Valid Contract Required
23-AUG-2013 0.11 MB
Cisco VDS Transparent Caching 5.0(2) b245/b246 installation ISO  Login & Valid Contract Required
23-AUG-2013 6992.33 MB
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