Release 8.6
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Patch for the defect CSCug14649 - RIS service is not returning proper response for MGCP Voice gateways.
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CSCug14649 - RIS service is not returning proper response for MGCP Voice gateways  Login & Valid Contract Required
29-APR-2013 0.37 MB
This Patch is applicable only for HCS customers. Its a consolidated Patch for CUOM 8.6 Revision Number 5  Login & Valid Contract Required
23-JAN-2013 9.29 MB
This patch fixes the issue CSCtz27686 - CUOM 8.6 event missing for failed MWI synthetic test  Login & Valid Contract Required
30-APR-2012 0.02 MB
This patch fixes the issue CSCtr82483 Problems with Customized Events after upgrade from CUOM 2.2 to CUOM 8.6  Login & Valid Contract Required
08-MAR-2012 0.01 MB
This Patch Fixes the Issue CSCtx16323 - PhoneMoves should be tracked for every 10 mins without switches managed  Login & Valid Contract Required
16-JAN-2012 0.03 MB
This Patch fixes the issue CSCts68701 - Launching SQ History on a upgraded system shows error  Login & Valid Contract Required
25-NOV-2011 0.01 MB
This Patch Fixes the issue CSCtt77851 - Personalized Reports fails to configure when choosing E.164 DNs  Login & Valid Contract Required
16-NOV-2011 0.15 MB
This patch fixes the bug CSCtt44214 CUOM 8.6 CUCM+UC partially monitored wrong reachability http port  Login & Valid Contract Required
20-OCT-2011 0.01 MB
This Patch fixes the bug CSCts72295 - Incorrect Virtual Memory usage shown by CUOM  Login & Valid Contract Required
18-OCT-2011 1.05 MB
Issues Addressed. 1)Resolve the issue of DFM Process going to a dead state. 2)CSCtn42961 - Security Issue in brstart  Login & Valid Contract Required
27-SEP-2011 1.60 MB
Fixes below issues CSCts61439-VG202 and VG204 appear Unsupported with Error "Host As Primary" CSCts60977-CUOM fails to auto discover VM instances of CUCM 8.6 CSCts47787-CUOM System status report states "Report could not be found"  Login & Valid Contract Required
21-SEP-2011 0.12 MB
This patch should be applied ONLY when CUOM version is upgraded to 8.6 from 8.0/8.5. This Patch fixes below issues: -Phone discovery doesnt work after upgrade. -Faultmonitor doesnt show cluster level events after upgrade.  Login & Valid Contract Required
15-SEP-2011 1.26 MB
Fix for CSCts31640 CUBE Capability detection fails for CUBE-SP on ASR  Login & Valid Contract Required
14-SEP-2011 0.10 MB
Patch for the bug CSCts39957 - CUOM cannot discover ATA devices  Login & Valid Contract Required
13-SEP-2011 2.18 MB
The following defects are fixed in this patch, CSCtr99007, CSCtr99965, CSCtr93080, CSCts05636, CSCts12483  Login & Valid Contract Required
25-AUG-2011 2.87 MB
This patch fixes the issue CSCtu92277 - The phone count is being shown as N/A when signed SSL certificate is use  Login & Valid Contract Required
25-AUG-2011 0.32 MB
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