Unified Communications Manager / CallManager / Cisco Unity Connection Utilities-COP-Files
Release COP-Files
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File Information Release Date Size  
Bash Environment Variable Patch to address CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-6277, CVE-2014-6278, and CVE-2014-7169  Login & Valid Contract Required
01-OCT-2014 4.29 MB
COP File to resolve the H.323 gateway issue as tracked by CSCtq96181. This affects UCM and CUCMBE5k/6k.  Login & Valid Contract Required
21-JAN-2015 0.09 MB
NTP denial-of-service vulnerability security update COP file for Cisco Unified Communications Manager  Login & Valid Contract Required
21-JAN-2015 0.01 MB
Refresh Upgrade COP file: For all upgrades from pre 8.6(x) to 8.6(x) and higher. This COP also permits the upgrade to recognize the unrestricted upgrade media or file. For use with CUCM, Unity Connection, or CUCMBE5K.  Login & Valid Contract Required
08-SEP-2014 84.06 MB
New RSA keys are used to sign Cisco Unified Communications Manager releases and other updates such as Phone Firmware, Locales, Dialplans, other cop files. This cop can be installed on any UCM or see README for versions needing this cop.  Login & Valid Contract Required
09-FEB-2015 0.01 MB
UCM VM Dynamic Disk Size Reallocation COP File  Login & Valid Contract Required
21-JAN-2015 0.01 MB