Release 8.5.1
This device has been saved to 'My Devices' list Cisco Notification alert has been set on the device
This Paging Server software is included in UCM 10.0, but UCM 10.0(1) software will not be published here. All upgrades to UCM 10.0(1) require new licensing which must be entitled by an order placed through the Product Upgrade Tool or the usual ordering process. Orders may be fulfilled electronically or physically, whichever is preferred.
File Information Release Date Size  
VMware installable image of the Cisco Paging Server  Login & Valid Contract Required
05-DEC-2013 1059.58 MB
Cisco Paging Server upgrade from v8.3 or v8.4 to v8.5  Login & Valid Contract Required
05-DEC-2013 549.22 MB
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